A FOOD ALLERGY DIAGNOSIS IS A LIFE-CHANGING EVENT.  Awareness and vigilance will now accompany each and every meal, and that alone can be a shock to the system.  However, the impacts of a food allergy extend far beyond dietary restrictions.

THE EMOTIONAL REPERCUSSIONS OF THE DIAGNOSIS CAN BE SIGNIFICANT. Parents often find themselves overwhelmed by the new rules and routines required to keep their child safe.  Research shows families managing a food allergy experience higher levels of worry, distress, and anxiety. In addition, instances of food allergy bullying or suffering an allergic reaction can prove both traumatic and debilitating, resulting in long-term psychological issues if left unaddressed. 

LIVING WITH A FOOD ALLERGY CREATES A NEW REALITY that must be communicated beyond family and friends.  The task of education without alienation is an everyday challenge with no one simple solution.  It can seem as if all of life’s pieces are now out of place, and you are equipped with only an epinephrine auto-injector to try and put them back together again.

THERE IS HELP. Counseling, education and support are tools you can use to calm the chaos, keeping your mind in place, while successfully integrating a food allergy into your life.